Time for a New Direction?

Considering a career change or other opportunities?

Since 2007, I have been assisting clients with securing interview requests and job offers by creating compelling, value-projecting, high-impact resumes designed to engage employers. I would be delighted to work with you in the same way in presenting the best version of you to help you achieve your career goals.

“In my job search since sending out the resume you created for me, I have had three job interviews and yesterday I received a solid job offer that I will be accepting. I wanted to let you know that I am beyond pleased with the resume you prepared, as I feel it showcases my career history and skills well. People who I have shown my resume to think it looks great. What I paid for your service was well worth the value I received.”

— L.N., Stevens Point, WI

In working with clients, I help them make convincing first impressions with potential employers by using a proven approach for uncovering, organizing, refining and conveying their unique value. Boiled down to its essence, my mission is helping job seekers stand out so they can ultimately grow and thrive in their careers.

In working with clients, I do not minimize the integrity or importance of any information about their skills and experiences that they provide. Instead, I take this information and honor it – everything from the high-level ideas all the way to the smallest details – by bringing a respectful and disciplined editing approach to make their resumes and other documents more focused, clear and simple and as a result more impactful and memorable.

I have developed and honed my client service approach for more than 15 years, and it is rooted in my belief that each client is a unique individual with unsurpassable worth and deserves a resume and supporting documents, as applicable, that truly represents this value. Again, my goal for clients is to help them make a great first impression with employers so they can secure interviews and job offers as well as realize the career fulfillment that they are seeking.

Since launching my business, I have assisted clients including professionals, managers, executives and members of the skilled trades across a wide range of industries and employment sectors. These include healthcare, government, education, IT, financial services, manufacturing, construction, and transportation and logistics, as well as the fine arts and other creative fields.

In addition to career services, my background includes work in marketing and publishing, and my capabilities and experiences in these areas are described on this site as well.

“I wanted to thank you for all your valuable and very productive help. I received a job offer and start on Monday! I feel that the professional cover letter and resume were very instrumental in helping me to attain a competitive edge that later produced the job offer. I can’t thank you enough for all your great help and advice. Many thanks again for everything.”

— J.G., McFarland, WI

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Tim Solinger

Ready to show employers the best version of you?

My driving motivation is helping clients define and differentiate themselves so they can better engage with employers to realize their career goals. If you are interested in moving your career forward by presenting your strengths and experiences in a way that optimally resonates with employers, I would be happy to speak with you. I can promise you a friendly, relaxed, no-obligation discussion to determine how I can best be of service to assist you with your career objectives.

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