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Don't forget to include volunteer experience on your resume to show additional value

Submitted Monday, March 30th 2015 9:19 pm

In working with clients, I am frequently asked if it is a good idea to include volunteer experience on a resume. My answer is almost always a resounding "Yes!" Volunteer experience is important to note for two critical reasons. First, it is a way to create additional value in the minds of readers simply because you are detailing additional experiences that you have had, such as serving as a board member or heading up a task force in either a leadership or coordinator role.

Whatever the volunteer experiences that you have had, these again are another opportunity to demonstrate to employers the breadth and depth of your capabilities. The other reason why it is important to note your volunteer experiences is because many employers are involved in or support volunteer efforts. If this is the case related to a position you are pursuing, then documenting your volunteer experiences will allow you to show—even if at only a general level—that you are also a fit with an employer's values in addition to the position itself depending on the extent of your qualifications.