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Keep outcomes top of mind for increased interviewing effectiveness

Submitted Saturday, January 3rd 2015 7:02 am

The advantage of including accomplishments or other positive career outcomes in a resume or LinkedIn profile is a given. It is critical to creating a strong perception of value in the minds of hiring managers and recruiters so you can increase your ability to generate interview requests and job offers.

Another advantage of including outcomes in resumes and LinkedIn profiles is that it is a very effective way to build a foundation of ready responses when interviewing, especially with behavioral interviewing questions. When hiring managers or recruiters ask a behavioral question (these questions typically begin with "Tell me about a time when ..." or "Describe a situation when ..."), they are not looking for a general response but are interested in a specific outcome or result. Additionally, they are not only interested in learning about how you accomplished something or how you made a difference but in the steps or process that led to the outcome as well. 

By identifying outcomes to reinforce your resume and LinkedIn profile, you are at the same time building and adding to the top-of-mind responses that you can draw from during an interview. This is one more reason to carefully review your work history and other experiences to "mine those gems" that can increase your ability to stand out and compete as a job candidate.