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New study shows that teamwork will have increased importance in the workplace

Submitted Friday, September 23rd 2016 2:42 pm

According to a new research report on people challenges in business, Global Human Capital Trends 2016 by Deloitte, organizational redesign will increasingly be a top priority in the workplace. As a result of sweeping changes involving digital technology, workforce demographics, performance management and other factors, more and more organizations will be shifting from traditional, functional models to ones that are centered around teams. In this team-focused environment, workers will be engaged in a continual process of coming together to take on projects and then disbanding to form new teams in taking on additional projects.

So what does this shift toward an increasingly team-based workplace mean for job seekers and career professionals? At the most general level, it seems fair to expect that organizations when recruiting will be placing greater importance on skills and experiences that reflect a candidate's ability to perform well as a team member. While responding to the requirements of a particular position posting will always be essential, job seekers should take increased care to include information in their resumes about their skills and experiences in working as team members. For example, describing one's strengths in general as a team member, noting specific contributions to a team effort, mentioning successful outcomes achieved by a team which an individual was a part of, and indicating particular functions represented by a cross-functional team are just a few ways to provide more breadth and depth about one's background and capabilities as a team member.