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Uncover areas of value to get your resume on the right track

Submitted Friday, March 31st 2017 9:39 pm

It is estimated that roughly one out of every six American workers is either unemployed or underemployed. While there are many reasons for this, very likely part of the reason is an inability for some to fully express their value to employers, especially in a resume.

Sometimes job seekers struggle to identify areas of value for their different work experiences. To help get unstuck, a good source for uncovering these pockets of value are past performance reviews or recommendation letters, which may contain insights or specific outcomes that can nicely bolster a resume’s impact. If you are stuck on trying to show your value related to a particular employer, start by trying to articulate how you made a difference, what positive outcomes you helped generate, or why you were valued and you will have taken a solid first step toward improving your resume.

When you increase the value that you have to offer in a way that is directly relevant to an employer's interests, you significantly increase your chances of securing interview requests and job offers. Simply stated, showing value is a critical step for anyone seeking to land a new job or to realize his or her career goals.