Developmental Editing

  • Addressing logic, structure and organization problems.
  • Removing or repurposing content that is not relevant to the content around it.
  • Relocating improperly placed paragraphs.
  • Creating subheads or altering existing subheads.
  • Making recommendations to include additional content to support or to better support the narrative direction suggested by particular titles or subheadings.
  • Inserting transitions to improve the flow or sequence of ideas.
  • Replacing passive verbs with active ones.
  • Streamlining wordy sentences or phrases.
  • Reworking parallel ideas so they are shown in parallel form.
  • Improving awkward phrases.
  • Adding commas, dashes or parentheses to indicate subordinate or less critical content.
  • Checking cross-references for accuracy to items including tables, diagrams and illustrations.

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