How your customers can help put more pop into your marketing

When thinking of ways to energize your marketing, have you considered those special customers who regularly sing your praises?

I’m referring to those individuals who “have your back” and function as unofficial brand advocates or enthusiasts in talking you up on social media or in person with friends, family members, coworkers and business acquaintances. Customers like these can be a source of highly positive comments that can be used as testimonials for your website and marketing literature, as social media posts, as quotes for articles and press releases, or even developed into full-fledged case studies or newsletter stories.

When it comes to adding credibility to your marketing and ratcheting up the persuasiveness and overall impact of your message, there is nothing like positive feedback from a customer. So how do you capture these customer comments for your organization’s marketing? It’s simple: just ask. More often than not, your very best customers will appreciate being asked for their comments, and they will only be too happy to help support and reward you for your efforts in providing them with value. So take the first step and maximize the customer goodwill that you’ve earned—you’ll be glad you did.