You Can Expect Friendly,
Efficient Service Each Step of the Way

If you are currently involved in or are contemplating adding a job search to your already packed schedule, that means that you are or will soon be stretched even further. I am here to help. I assist busy job seekers and career professionals with an efficient, responsive and straightforward process, and I offer evening and weekend hours by appointment to provide clients with additional flexibility and convenience.

“Thanks again for all of your hard work on my resume. Your attention to detail and insightful comments have been very appreciated throughout the process! I will be passing your name along to a few of my friends.”
— E.S., Los Angeles, CA

Step #1 – Call for a free consultation.

Please call or contact me to schedule a phone discussion to talk through updating or revamping your existing resume, creating a new resume, or to go over other services or options.

Step #2 – Place your order.

After you have determined the service or services that you need, I will be happy to work with you in placing your order and scheduling your project. I will also provide you with a time frame for the delivery of your new document or documents.

Step #3 – Provide the necessary information.

Before getting started with creating your resume and/or other documents, I will first work with you in obtaining the information that I need to move forward. in most instances, this will involve a combination of some discussion over the phone as well as some written responses to questions to obtain the critical details that are necessary in creating a high-impact resume in addition to any other documents, as applicable.

Step #4 – Review your new document(s).

Once you have received your document (or documents) and have finished your review, I will work with you in arranging a follow-up phone call to answer any questions and to make any changes that you have to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Regarding the completion of document drafts in general, I carefully proofread for spelling, grammar, punctuation and word choice, as well as other content elements to deliver the level of quality that you expect.

Step #5 – Approve your new document(s).

Once you have approved your document or documents, you are ready to move forward with pursuing new career opportunities!

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