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Resume Samples

The samples below reflect just some of the different creative approaches that we are capable of in assisting clients. In writing and designing resumes, we consider factors that include a client's career story, occupational area and industry, and personality. After learning about each individual's career situation including goals, skills and experiences, we start with a clean slate in crafting a high-impact document to maximize each client's ability to stand out and compete in today's job market. (Certain key identifying pieces of information in each of the samples below have been fictionalized for the sake of client confidentiality.)

If you are intrigued by what you see and would like to discuss possibilities for presenting your skills and experiences, contact us today for a brief, friendly, no-obligation initial discussion.

Keith Tanner

  • Background: Process manufacturing equipment installation, troubleshooting and repair
  • Career goal: Leadership role in process manufacturing with a best-in-class company
  • Comment: By providing details about the technical aspects of the project outcomes that he has attained as well as details about his technical skills, Keith is better positioned for the opportunities that he is seeking.

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Kristy Naylor

  • Background: Hospitality marketing management
  • Career goal: Director-level marketing role in the hospitality industry
  • Comment: By grouping Kristy's key accomplishments and responsibilities under subject headings for each position held, hiring managers and recruiters are able to access this information more easily.

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Claire McCabe

  • Background: Administrative/Office support
  • Career goal: Office manager role
  • Comment: In working efficiently within a one-page document, Claire’s resume includes a number of her most important career accomplishments to reinforce the strengths and key areas of experience introduced in her summary.

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Paul Kuramoto

  • Background: IT management
  • Career goal: IT leadership position in a small, entrepreneurial company
  • Comment: By including an expanded summary and a technical skills section, Paul was able to achieve his objective of positioning himself as an IT leader who possesses both management skills and hands-on technical know-how.

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Darrin Champion

  • Background: Business-to-business sales
  • Career goal: A sales management position, possibly in a new industry.
  • Comment: An extended summary highlighting Darrin's transferrable sales skills helps to better position him for sales positions outside of the industries in which he has worked.

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Sarah Diaz

  • Background: Corporate marketing
  • Career goal: Chief marketing officer of an industrial products company
  • Comment: While a three-page resume is more the exception and is not recommended in many instances, Sarah used this approach to demonstrate the full arc of her career accomplishments to allow her to better compete for high-profile CMO opportunities.

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