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I just wanted to thank you for the professional resume and cover letter that you did for me. After posting my resume on a couple of websites, my phone has not stopped ringing. I went from hoping to get a job to now having to choose from 3 great offers. Every single employer/recruiter that has contacted me has had something positive to say about my resume. Thanks again for your help and professionalism during this process."

— S.K., Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Here's a snapshot of how Full Sail can help you make a stronger impression with employers:

We start with an 'uncovery.'

1. We start with a "client uncovery"—and by listening carefully. During the initial client discussion, we will work with you in a friendly, collaborative way to uncover or identify the skills, experiences and key outcomes that define you as a unique individual and job candidate. Where appropriate or applicable, we can offer suggestions and strategies for handling such needs as managing multiple career directions or with challenges that include overcoming employment gaps or having held numerous jobs in a relatively short period of time.

We articulate your full value.

2. We help you present a fuller picture of your value. Using proven strategies and techniques, we carefully craft resumes, as well as cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and other documents, to maximize the value that each client has to offer. The resume that we will create for you will introduce you as a compelling, memorable job candidate by clearly showing the difference you can make and will be written to align effectively with today's keyword-driven applicant tracking or resume matching systems.

Then you move forward as a stronger you!

3. Then you move forward as a stronger job candidate. With a new or revitalized resume, you are able to provide a more convincing presentation of value and as a result can increase your ability to secure interview requests and job offers. We have assisted numerous clients in the past with their career goals (see Testimonials to learn about the positive outcomes experienced by some of our past clients) and would welcome an opportunity to do the same for you!

Services overview

At Full Sail Resume & Career Services, we assist clients by using proven strategies and techniques to help them present the best version of themselves to potential employers. And in the course of working with clients, we are able to offer additional value by sharing well-honed insights on everything from resume-matching technologies to LinkedIn profile development to blending soft skills with job skills effectively. Our services include the following:

Free initial phone consultation.

Whether you are interested in updating your resume, changing careers or pursuing a related objective, we understand that questions can arise in pursuing your goals. For this reason, we provide an initial, no-obligation consultation to learn about your needs and objectives as well as to outline our approach to see if there is a fit between us. In providing this information, we will work with you in a friendly, supportive, no-pressure manner so that you can make a decision that is right for you.

Career navigation assistance.

We offer career navigation assistance to individuals who have a general idea of their career direction but would like help with focusing on a more specific direction or directions related to developing a resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile. During a consultative session, we can assist you with more fully identifying and defining your strengths, goals and experiences.


In today's fast-paced, highly competitive job market, you have mere seconds to make a strong first impression with a potential employer. We can assist you with creating a high-impact resume written and designed using proven best practices to help you better compete for the job you want. Our resume capabilities and areas of expertise include the following:

Positioning or personal branding: We use well-crafted branding or positioning statements to provide at-a-glance focus and clarity to your document and to reinforce the value that you have to offer.

Keywords: We insert keywords where appropriate throughout your resume to increase your document's suitability for today's applicant tracking or resume matching systems.

Top-tier employers: We strive to carefully manage the presentation of soft skills as well as hard skills to increase your ability to make a strong impression, especially with top-tier employers who typically prize their cultures and are very selective when evaluating how potential hires will fit in their organizations.

"Breakout" resumes: If you are seeking to change careers or move into a whole new career direction, we create breakout resumes that demonstrate your relevance to a potential employer in a different industry or employment sector by showing how your transferrable skills and experiences add or create value.

Cover letters.

An effective cover letter is a vital part of any job search. In assisting clients, we create letters for responding to job postings as well as cold call or letters of introduction for making inroads with desired employers who may not have an opening at the moment but who nevertheless continually keep an eye out for talented candidates for future openings.

LinkedIn profiles.

With 500+ million users and 10+ million organizations worldwide, LinkedIn has become an essential tool for job seekers and employers. We can assist you with creating a compelling, keyword-rich LinkedIn profile to help you increase your ability to be found by hiring managers and recruiters as well as to grow your network. In addition, we provide assistance with setting up LinkedIn profiles and with understanding and using different LinkedIn features in the course of helping clients develop their profiles.

Personal statements and bios.

We assist clients with creating personal statements for graduate school applications and bios for competitive bid proposals, websites and other needs.


We assist clients with strategies and insights to increase their ability to interview effectively and attract job offers. During our interviewing sessions, we work with clients on approaches for responding to standard and behavioral questions and also on what types of questions to ask employers. In addition, we provide information on general practices to enable clients to interview with greater confidence.

Interview follow-up letters.

Submitting a letter following an interview is a highly recommended tactic. By doing so, you can thank an employer for the opportunity to interview as well as present other relevant information in further creating a strong impression as a candidate. We can assist you with creating an effective follow-up letter to emphasize points that you did not get a chance to make during your interview or to revisit points that you would like to reinforce or clarify to help strengthen your overall presentation.

Seminars, workshops and instructional programs.

We prepare and deliver seminars, workshops and instructional programs for educational institutions and other organizations on resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile development as well as interviewing preparation.


For clients who wish to go beyond a resume and/or LinkedIn profile to further differentiate themselves and capture the full scope of their career achievements, portfolios can be an excellent tool. We can assist you with creating portfolios that include extended descriptions or lists of projects, publications, technical capabilities, presentations and volunteer experiences.

Career support services.

The workplace has dramatically changed over the last several decades and one notable outcome is that workers today are taking increasing responsibility for their career growth. In response to this development, we offer clients assistance with needs that include sales or business development communications, training information, process documentation, proposals, articles, reports and presentations.