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Many thanks to our current and past clients who have been instrumental in our growth, including the individuals listed below who have generously agreed to share their thoughts about their experiences in working with us. In honoring their request for confidentiality, only their initials and general location are noted.

I just wanted to let you know that I got a new job! The resume that you created for me said all of the right things in just the right way and it really made a difference. Thank you very much!”

— J.S., Central Wisconsin

I wanted to let you know that out of 7 resumes submitted I have gotten 3 interviews. Very happy with the professional resume!”

— S.N., Weston, WI

Thanks — you are a miracle worker!”

— P.F., Central Wisconsin

The resume you wrote for me was simply amazing! You created a picture of myself that I could never have imagined, and you've given me a whole new perception of who I am and what I can do. I am truly excited about having this resume for future job possibilities. Thanks again for your wonderful work!!”

— T.J., Stevens Point, WI

Working with you through the process of developing my new resume has truly been a beautiful experience, as the resume that you created is amazing. You have really helped me with pinpointing and rediscovering my strengths and with boosting my confidence. I have already submitted my resume to an employer, and I have been re-establishing relationships with longtime business contacts because of the new confidence that you have helped me find in myself. You have been great for me. Thank you so much!”

— C.P., Marengo, IL

Thank you very much for your assistance. I have gotten a new job and having the professionally done resume was definitely a great help. I never could have done it as well as you did. Thank you again for everything. I will be sure to refer you to anyone who needs this service!”

— S.I., Stevens Point, WI

I have accepted an offer to start at a new company after 22 years of working in an unhealthy and toxic environment. My new employer is one of those special companies that people try hard to get into and never leave on purpose. Just my raise in base pay is 20 percent. Add in things like end of year bonuses, perfect attendance bonuses and other miscellaneous monetary perks and it easily approaches 30 percent. Figure in the quality of life factor and it boggles my mind that I wasted so many unhappy years at a mundane employer. I will recommend you to others. Thanks again for the great resume.”

— J.N., Rock Springs, WI

In my job search since sending out the resume you created for me, I have had 3 job interviews and yesterday I received a solid job offer that I will be accepting. I wanted to let you know that I am beyond pleased with the resume you prepared, as I feel it showcases my career history and skills well. I also greatly appreciate the change made to a two-page format as this is something I was timid about and unsure of how to display. People who I have shown my resume to think it looks great. This is a tough job market going on right now and what I paid for your service was well worth the value I received.”

— L.N., Stevens Point, WI

I just wanted to thank you for the professional resume and cover letter that you did for me. After posting my resume on a couple of websites, my phone has not stopped ringing. I went from hoping to get a job to now having to choose from 3 great offers. Every single employer/recruiter that has contacted me has had something positive to say about my resume. Thanks again for your help and professionalism during this process.”

— S.K., Stevens Point, WI

I found a job! I wanted to send a big THANK YOU for all of your efforts in revamping my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. It was a pleasure working with you, and I will refer your services to my friends and colleagues.”

— A.S., Brooklyn, NY

I just wanted to let you know that I have accepted an offer as a Director of Finance. Your resume generated more hits and interview opportunities than my old resume. I am very, very impressed.”

— S.N., Hutchinson, MN

This resume helped me land a really good job last week. Thanks again.”

— C.S., Stevens Point, WI

I wanted to thank you for the work that you did on my resume. I have been at my new dream job for a little over a week now. I am helping to set up a new office and look to be promoted to office manager once we get set up more. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness that you put into developing my resume to bring out the best traits of my work history. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

— L.A., Iola, WI

I wanted to let you know that I did get an interview and a job offer. Thanks for your time and help with the resume process.”

— P.B., Plover, WI

I sent out my new resume over the lunch hour and before 3 p.m. the same day I received a call from a potential employer!”

— R.K., Killeen, TX

The resume that you created for me is 100 percent more professional than what I had. I feel so much more confident now about approaching employers because of this new resume. Thank you for the great work!”

— P.N., Hudson, WI

Thank you so much for my new resume and cover letter. I received them from you on Saturday, put in an application on Sunday and by Wednesday I had a job offer. I am SO very thankful.”

— R.W., Antigo, WI

The professional way in which you organized and wrote my resume is powerful and meaningful to prospective employers, and I am now getting interviews with this resume. I have already recommended your services to two friends who are looking at making a career change, and I will continue to recommend you to anyone I meet who is searching for work. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and my career.”

— C. B., Plover, WI

Before you created my new resume, I would send out my old resume and would never hear back from any employers. Since sending out the new resume that you created, I have so far heard back from each employer that I sent it to. Thank you very much for your work — it was worth every penny!”

— J.C., Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Thank you very much for the fine work. The price paid is well worth the investment in helping me land a great job! I will even go a step further and recommend you to my fellow classmates if they are looking to have their own resumes or cover letters done.”

— M.R., Wisconsin Rapids, WI

I really like the way you transformed my resume from a timeline of the positions that I've held over the last 20 years into a succinct, eye-catching story about my achievements, skills, experiences and passions. For the first time in my career, I feel as though my resume can accurately provide a recruiter or hiring manager with deeper insights about me without even having to speak to me first.”

— P.S., Milladore, WI

The resume you wrote and designed for me really captures who I am, what I've done, my essential strengths and skills, and the direction I hope to pursue in the future. I wouldn't change a word. Very well done!”

— M.M., Stevens Point, WI

The detailed feedback you gave me for improving my resume was excellent. It made me feel more confident about my qualifications and helped me get the job that I wanted. I would recommend you to anyone—THANK YOU!!”

— C.B., Stevens Point, WI

The documents look great, thank you! Your expertise and recommendations have been so helpful!”

— M.W., Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Thank you for all of your work on my resume and cover letter—you really did an awesome job!”

— J.M., Yulee, FL

You did a great job. If I hear of anyone wanting a resume done, I will refer them to you.”

— G.C., Stevens Point, WI

It all looks great! I am happy and very pleased with everything you created for me. Thanks also for the speedy turnaround. I appreciate it greatly! I will certainly recommend you to anyone I hear of who is looking for resume services.”

— M.K., Rhinelander, WI

Everyone who I've shown my resume to thinks it's a winner. I am really pleased—you made my day!”

— N.C., Janesville, WI

You did an excellent job. Thank you very much!”

— W.A., Pleasant Prairie, WI

Thank you once again for all of your hard work and insightful comments. I feel well armed to begin the next phase of my job search!”

— S.H., Junction City, WI

The resume looks GREAT -- thank you!”

— D.L., Waunakee, WI

I appreciate the time and effort it took to transform my resume from a mundane technical resume to the polished version that I have today. I have passed your name to multiple colleagues with a high recommendation for your services.”

— H.B., Sterling, VA

Looks great—thanks soooo much!!!”

— C.S., Stevens Point, WI

Thank you for a great set of documents. I have enjoyed working with you and I appreciate your expertise.”

— M.L., Unionville, CT

I like the look, layout and descriptions in the resume and cover letter. They do a great job of describing my skills and abilities. Thank you for your hard work!”

— B.F., Stevens Point, WI

I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you for your time and effort.”

— R.T., Plover, WI

Thank you very much for making my resume look great. I like it a lot.”

— U.K., Stoughton, MA

My new resume and cover letter look great. Thanks again for your help—I won't hesitate to recommend your services to my friends and business acquaintances!”

— S.F., Hudson, WI

You wowed me, and I don't wow easily.”

— S.H., Chippewa Falls, WI

Thank you for working on this project with me. I am very happy with the resume.”

— J.E., Stevens Point, WI

Tim created resumes and cover letters for myself, my wife and my daughter. We were all very impressed with the final product. I have run an international business, and I am a top-ranked manager at a Fortune 500 company. Trust me—don't do it yourself. Have a professional like Tim help you advance in the workforce.”

— K.S., New Auburn, WI

It was a pleasure working with you, and I'm very pleased with the final product.”

— M.G., Plover, WI

The documents look great. I am very pleased with your work. Thanks again for working hard to produce an excellent product.”

— J.C., Waupaca, WI

Thank you again for assisting me with my resume. It really looks wonderful. I truly appreciate what you've helped create.”

— M.F., Stevens Point, WI

The resume looks great. Thank you for all of your hard work! I'm very happy with it.”

— A.S., La Crosse, WI

The resume and cover letter look fantastic to me. Thank you for your assistance. I will be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone that may be looking to update their resume.”

— L.B., Central Wisconsin

I just did a quick read and can truthfully say absolutely awesome! Beyond even my wildest expectations! WOW!!!!!!”

— B.T., Winneconne, WI

The resume and cover letter look great—congratulations on doing a fabulous job!”

— P.R., Plover, WI

Thanks again for all of your hard work on my resume. Your attention to detail and insightful comments have been very appreciated throughout the process! I will be passing your name along to a few of my friends.”

— E.S., Los Angeles, CA

Everything looks awesome. You did a really nice job.”

— E.O., Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Thank you for taking the time you took to work with me in creating my new resume. I am very pleased with the outcome and you did a great job.”

— E.M., Peachtree City, GA

Thank you so much for all your work. I am so very pleased!”

— O.V., Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Thank you so much! Everything looks great! I appreciate all of your hard work and professionalism and will make sure to refer any friends to you in the future.”

— J.K., Phoenix, AZ

I really, really appreciate your service—you did an awesome job with my new resume and LinkedIn profile and with helping me set up my profile. I showed my new resume and profile to my wife and she said, 'This guy really knows what he is doing. We could not have done this.' Thank you again for all of your help and for a job very well done!”

— M.V., Stevens Point, WI

My new resume looks great. Very nicely done—thank you!”

— L.L., Western Wisconsin

Thank you again for your help with my resume. Your suggestions have strengthened my belief in what I have to offer as a health and wellness professional and that is really priceless!”

— L.Z., Central Wisconsin

I was looking for someone to help summarize and translate my military experience to enable me to take the next step in my career. You exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you!”

— J.T., Stevens Point, WI

I am very pleased with the new layout and the way you presented my new career direction. Thank you.”

— E.F., Central Wisconsin

I am very happy with my new resume. I think it's terrific!”

— R.A., New Richmond, WI

This is a beautiful resume and it is presented in a way that tells my story and work experiences. I am very impressed and filled with gratitude. Thank you for your wonderful work!”

— R.F., Sparta, WI

My new resume is fabulous. You did a spectacular job—thank you so much!”

— A.C., Cedar Rapids, IA

My new resume looks great and thank you so much for this. I am so excited to begin job searching and it is all due to you!”

— D.A., Stevens Point, WI

Thank you again for the wonderful resume. You have made a resume rewrite a stress-free pleasure!”

— S.B, Delavan, WI

I appreciate all your hard work, advice and direction. The updated resume looks amazing. Job well done.”

— L.W., Stevens Point, WI

I am very happy with the two resume versions that you created for me. Awesome job—thank you very much!”

— R.J., Central Wisconsin

I was very impressed with the content and how you were able to effectively summarize my employment. Excellent job!”

— A.A., Cincinnati, OH

Thanks so much for all your time and work on my new resume. It looks great. I will recommend you to others!”

— R.F., Duluth, MN

My new resume looks amazing. It really captures my personality and skills.”

— M.G., Chicago, IL

My new resume looks great. Really appreciate the time and effort you put into this. I will definitely refer you to friends and family.”

— R.R., Torrance, CA

Thank you for your help with creating a new resume for me. I am very happy with it—you definitely exceeded my expectations!”

— S.J., Northeastern Wisconsin

You really did an amazing job with my new resume and personal statement.”

— H.R., La Crosse, WI

You did a fabulous job with my new resume. Thank you so much!”

— S.G., Minneapolis, MN

Thank you so much. I am impressed with your patience, professionalism, and attention to detail!”

— C.G., Wausau, WI

Thank you for the great work on my new resume and LinkedIn profile—you were awesome! I am thoroughly impressed and I will recommend you to anyone I meet who is looking for a high quality and detailed resume and LinkedIn experience!”

— J.G., Wausau, WI

You did a phenomenal job with my new cover letter. I really appreciate it and I will be recommending your services to my friends.”

— L.B., Duluth, MN

Thanks for all your help—I think the world of you and your talent!”

— S.H., Ramsey, MN