What Clients Are Saying

“Here at Skyward, we provide school administration software to K-12 districts around the world, and we rely on Tim for assistance in writing case studies and white papers to support our sales and marketing efforts. Tim has done a superb job for us, and he is especially skilled at understanding the nuances and details of the solutions we offer. He has repeatedly been able to craft these marketing pieces in a way that clearly demonstrates to schools and districts how our solutions can help them succeed.

If you are in need of a writer who can quickly understand product/service and industry information and then transform this into a crisp, persuasive marketing document, I highly recommend Tim. He has become an invaluable resource for our organization, and I have no doubt that his skills will transfer to provide the same level of quality and expertise to meet your organization’s needs.”

Bob Jung
Customer Community Manager

“Tim Solinger is a quintessential professional and a most talented writer. As the leader of a successful consulting firm, I maintain the very highest levels of service, responsiveness and professionalism, and expect the same from my marketing partners. In every instance, Tim has exceeded my expectations in this regard, and has provided a level of professionalism and commitment that has become all too rare in business today. In addition, he is a warm and sincere person who clearly and unequivocally places his clients’ interests first and who actively seeks out “win win” solutions to client challenges. He has been an absolute delight to work with.”

Gary A. Schmidt, CFP
Managing Director
International Presentation Institute

“As a new business selling consulting services and management tools to all types of businesses, it was very important to get the proper positioning and tone in my first company introduction letters. Working with a seasoned writer like Tim was a great experience. He was able to take all of my comments about the products, the company philosophies, and how they apply to a business setting and turn these into letters that fit the style I was looking for. His years of experience and his ability to put himself in the place of the customer is obvious. I plan on tapping into Tim’s skills for many projects to come.”

Patrick Seaton
Innovative Management Tools LLC

“I’ve worked with Tim for many years across a wide range of projects, and I can confidently say that each project would have achieved lesser results without his talent and direction. Tim’s an experienced strategist with exceptional writing skills. I can’t overstate the level of comfort that his involvement in my projects affords me. I’m spoiled indeed. If you’re looking for someone who will pay close attention to the details of your organization while helping you achieve your objectives, you’ve found that person in Tim Solinger.”

Mike Matera
Co-Founder & Business Developer

“Tim’s not only an exceptional writer, he’s also a great project manager. He’s both detail- and deadline-oriented, and works with you to ensure that he clearly understands your needs. I’ve worked with Tim on numerous projects, large and small, and he consistently delivers fresh, creative ideas. His work is second to none!”

Karen Roscoe
Marketing Product Manager
Bruker AXS

“Tim is a very good writer. He understands how to write for different media—Internet, PowerPoint, print—and knows how to think out of the box to solve marketing challenges.”

Janice Smithers
Associate Manager – Web Analytics & Reporting
TDS Telecom

“H.O. Wolding is a trucking company that has been in existence for over 70 years, based in the small central Wisconsin community of Amherst. Even though we employ close to 450 people, very few people in central Wisconsin know who we are. With Tim’s help and expertise, we’ve been able to create an awareness throughout the area of who we are. With periodic press releases and articles, Tim has kept our area and others throughout the country current on what’s happening with our company. Tim’s efforts have helped us in the recruitment of new drivers and in the acquisition of new business. I would highly recommend Tim to any business that needs someone in a marketing capacity.”

Marc Wolding
Director of Operations
H.O. Wolding

“Tim was able to achieve our goals from the beginning, and he had excellent follow through during and after each task that he took on and accomplished. He was never late, always early, and he was always in contact and maintained open communications. He was also flexible and was always willing to consider our advice and direction. His marketing expertise is a key reason behind our success. I would recommend him to anyone.”

John Schultz
Schultz Energy Consulting

“I love the article, Tim. Thank you for your great work!”

Louise Anderson
Louise Anderson Consulting

“Tim Solinger is a top-notch PR consultant and writer. He understands what news editors and directors are looking for in a story, and he understands clients and their business growth objectives. I strongly recommend Tim to any organization interested in getting more publicity.”

Mike Bartos
VP Sales & Marketing
The Metal Ware Corporation

“Tim Solinger played an instrumental role as project editor in the development and publication of Boomerang! Leadership Principles That Bring the Customer Back. Tim’s chief task was to make sure that the author’s unique voice was preserved throughout the manuscript, as well as to attend to related editorial tasks to ensure the highest quality end result possible. The extremely positive responses from readers are an indicator of the valuable contributions that Tim made to this book.”

Joe Kiedinger
Principal/CEO/Chief Strategist

“Thank you for your great work with making the book a huge success. Your writing, editing, patience and kindness was and still is appreciated! You have a good engine and you kept both hands on the wheel. I appreciate you!”

Dave Skogen
Chairman of the Board
Skogen’s Festival Foods

“Tim Solinger applied a keen eye to the technical aspects of the manuscript and a challenging intellect to its substantive content. Most of all, he kept the reader in mind throughout the process, and the manuscript has been vastly improved by his work.”

Michael Hittle
An Accidental Jewel, Wisconsin’s Turtle-Flambeau Flowage

“I can’t thank you enough for your continuing support of the project and the masterful way you coach. You have a way of pointing of what you really appreciate, and you do it with enough detail so that it is far from a hollow compliment; it is thoughtful counsel. Many don’t understand that you often teach best by pointing out the things people are doing right, rather than wrong, and with your acknowledgements in the text it causes me to stop, reread, and recognize what it is I did rightthings that I would not have noticed without you pointing them out. You truly do have a gift that goes far beyond your ability to edit.”

Scott Tibbitts
Katasi, Inc.


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