The Brander-in-Chief


The Brander-in-Chief reveals 7 practical, easy-to-understand and yet critical fundamentals for business success. Properly and consistently applied, these 7 proven action steps can literally transform your business—and your life!

Whether you’re thinking of starting a business or trying to grow or improve an existing one, The Brander-in-Chief gets to the heart of what it takes to today to make a small- or medium-sized business successful. Using an entertaining and yet informative fictionalized format, Joe Kiedinger reveals how you can succeed by working on your business instead of in your business.

Kiedinger, brander-in-chief of Prophit Marketing, Inc., a Green Bay, Wis.-based marketing agency, shares his philosophy developed from years of carefully studying successful businesses of all kinds. His insights have provided the foundation for his unique, systematic, 7-step Prophit Marketing system.

Brander-in-Chief – how to properly focus on two essential elements—delegation and vision—in becoming a successful leader.

Market Viability – which key questions to ask to help create a defined position in the market.

Customer Experience – why it is so important to communicate to staff “this is how we do it here.”

Servant Leadership – why it is easier and more effective to get staff buy-in through authority instead of power.

Process Managers and Process Partners – why filling these two crucial roles can jump start and improve your business faster than any other factor.

Mantra – how to determine how your customers define your brand experience—and how to strengthen your business as a result.

Share of Voice – how to understand and apply the three crucial rules for optimal media penetration.