Principles & Practices

I am very grateful to the many individuals who over the years have put their trust in me with their career and business goals, as it is a true joy and privilege to help people use their unique gifts to serve others. In working with clients, I am guided by the following principles and practices:

Clients. I completely respect each client’s investment in my services and honor this decision with all of the seriousness that it deserves. Because of this, I strive to deliver exceptional value with each document or service that I provide.

Integrity. Prior to beginning a project, I outline all aspects of my service approach from start to finish. Once a project is underway, I encourage clients to ask questions at any point in the process to ensure their complete comfort and trust. Simply stated, I say what I will do and I do what I say.

Quality. My minimum quality standard is that I am not satisfied with any document or service until my clients are completely satisfied. In addition, I strive to go beyond what is minimally expected to delight clients by providing extra value and a superior overall level of quality.

Deadlines. I fully understand that pursuing career or business opportunities is inherently time sensitive. Consequently, I make every effort to complete each client project within the time frame originally specified.

Respect. I greatly respect and value the opinions and wishes of clients, as I understand that sometimes there is risk and vulnerability in sharing career or business goals and experiences with a service provider.

Confidentiality. The information that clients provide to me is held in the strictest confidence. I will never disclose personal information or work-related or other background details with anyone.


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